Mantra Monday – Wash it all Away

I like to ask for this while I’m in the shower so that I can use the shower as more than a visualization. It’s so important to regularly ask for any negative energy which no longer serves you to be washed away. The Universe is here to help us, but we must ask for it because of our free will.

Mantra Monday – Protection

Do you find yourself experiencing less than pleasant things throughout the day that you just can’t explain? In a bad mood? Ask Archangel Michael for his protection while also visualizing a bubble of white light surrounding you and your mood should drastically improve.

Mantra Monday – Healing

We all have spiritual healing that we need to do in order to continue raising our vibration and improving our lives. What’s even more important is being sure that we are including our past lives in that healing or we can get stuck learning the same lessons over and over again until we do.

Mantra Monday – Cutting Cords

We attach energetic cords to every person we interact with, whether in person, online, over the phone, or any other kind of interaction. That cord stays connected draining your energy until you actively cut it. I ask Archangel Michael to cut cords for me every morning while I’m in the shower as a matter of routine. You could also do it each night before bed to get rid of the cords that have attached throughout the day.