Site Breakdown – What to Expect & Where!

Site Breakdown – What to Expect & Where!

I hope you’re having a great day!! As I get ready to head off to 3 days of photoshoots, I thought it was a good time to share a breakdown of where to find me and what you’ll find on each site to make it easier to choose where to join me! You don’t want to miss out on all of the fun that I have planned!

LoyalFans – Here you will find everything! Day to day, daily motivational quotes, metaphysical tips, guided meditations and crystal singing bowls but also all of the sexy fun. You can join me for live bath and workout shows as well!

FanCentro – Here you will find more of the day to day, daily motivational quotes, metaphysical tips, guided meditations and crystal singing bowls, but not much of the sexy fun. I’ll be going live for tarot/oracle readings as well as new moon and full moon rituals.

Centerfold – Here’s where you’ll find just sexy pics and none of the metaphysical or motivational posts. You may even find me doing live workouts here! IF my fans request them, I will also do live tarot/oracle readings, but that is not the focus of this account.

Cam4 – Join me for live workout & yoga shows, tarot/oracle readings and of course sexy shows when I’m able to. Watch for my schedule of public and ticket only shows.

SextPanther – You can find me here for sexting, but you can also request tarot/oracle readings via text or chat with me all things metaphysical!

Guided Meditations Available for Pre-Order

Guided Meditations Available for Pre-Order

Pre-order any of the below Guided Meditation audios and be the first to receive it as soon as it’s recorded. All audios will be delivered via email, or selected platform, within 2 weeks. Payment of $10 for each meditation via SpankPay or CashApp, or you may also tip via LoyalFans, FanCentro, Centerfold, Cam4 or SextPanther, please include your email for delivery if not on a platform with messaging. I have over 300 scripts, so if there is something you are looking for that I haven’t listed here, then feel free to contact me because I may have it.

Past Life Regression
Awareness of What you Like About Yourself
Forgiveness Meditation
Mindful Body Acceptance
Self-Love Meditation
Steps to Self-Soothe
For Chaotic Times
Mindfulness for Stress & Anxiety
Relieving Anxiety
5 Minutes to Regain Calm, Clarity and Confidence
Filling Your Cup Meditation
Starting the Day with Gratitude
The Power of Gratitude for Sleep
Alleviate Feelings of Anger and Resentment
Stopping Obsessive Thoughts About the Past
Deep State of Relaxation for Chronic Pain
Pain – Body Scan
Pain – Breathing and Deep Body Scan
A Visualization to Relax the Mind for Deep Sleep
Simple Sleep Meditation
Building Confidence for Social Settings and Meeting New People
Motivation When You are Unmotivated
Breathing and Meditating for Self-Healing
Grounding Body Scan
Relax, Accept, Break Habits, Learn and Be Happy
Working with Attachment and Addiction
Higher Self Meditation
Manifestation Meditation

New Post Types Coming Soon!

Starting next week, you’re going to be seeing some inspiring and educational posts to help you to shine your light a bit brighter. While I am all about the sexy fun, and there will be plenty of that, I also want to hep raise the collective vibration and this is just one way that I plan to do that.

Here is what you can expect to find not only here, but on all of my platforms. While these posts will be the same on all platforms, there will also be a different Card of the Day posted for every platform. No 2 platforms or pay levels get the same Card of the Day, they are unique for each one. All of my platforms can be found in the menu above. Be sure to join me on one of them for the XXX fun as well. Follow me for free on all of your favorites, but subscribe for all the good stuff.

Mondays I will be sharing some inspirational mantras to help you accomplish various goals.

Ever wondered why you are drawn to a crystal, or “pretty rock?” Tuesdays & Thursdays I will be sharing the metaphysical uses of various crystals.

Colors play a very important role in our lives, sometimes that we aren’t even aware of. Every Wednesday I will be sharing the uses/meanings behind different colors.

Fridays I will be sharing how each of the Archangels can help us in our daily lives.

I will also share posts for the New & Full Moons each month.

I hope that you are as excited about these posts as I am to share them with you! Let me know what you would like me to share about first!