Today’s card of the day is the Crystal Yellow Dragon from The Dragon Oracle by Diana Cooper.

“Crystal-yellow dragons clear space around the crown chakra of animals and humans, and then illuminate the chakra and set it glowing. This enables the angels and Source itself to see us. Each of the thousand petals of our crown chakra can be extended to connect with a particular star, planet or universal energy. However, in order for the petals to reach out, the light round them must be pure. So crystal-yellow dragons work rather like fairies, who blow away the lower frequencies round plants so that they can grow freely. Crystal-yellow dragons not only have huge open hearts, but they also carry fifth-dimensional wisdom codes for the universe and can download them into those of us who are ready. They work with Archangel Jophiel to light up and expand the crown chakras of all of us at a fifth-dimensional frequency. They then co-operate with the unicorns to connect the petals into sources of universal wisdom and knowledge.”

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