The Card of the Day is Leap from the Work Your Light by Rebecca Campbell Oracle Card deck.

Work Your Light Action: You go first. Take a good run-up and leap.

Life bends for the courageous.The Universe wants to support you, but first you need to leap. To throw your life up in the air.

Perhaps you know what you are being called to leap toward (or away from) but are scared to make the move. Or maybe perhaps you are waiting for a big fat sign, or instruction manual, or permission to do so first. If this is you, then this card is your sign and permission slip to take a deep breath, and leap into the unknown.

It’s scary to let go of all that we know in hope for something new. And it’s normal to feel anxious at the thought of letting go of what we know for sure. but this is the unavoidable process of rising. And right now, this is how you are being called to live.

Nature is constantly showing us how to live with courage. Fall comes every year and encourages the trees to loosen their grip. To allow what once was so full of life, to fall away, leaf by leaf. For a moment, it feels like nothing will grow again. The branches are left bare without the comfort of what once was. But in the morn of spring, new shoots begin to appear and something new is born that is even more glorious than before.

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