Today’s card of the day is the Black Dragon from Saturn from The Dragon Oracle by Diana Cooper.

“Fifth-dimensional black dragons work directly with the masters of Quishy, the ascended aspect of Saturn. They help us to organize and apply ourselves to tasks, however small or large they may be. Black indicates a feminine energy of rest, peace and calm, which enables the wisdom to come forward. It could not do so if there was too much masculine thrust. These dragons work with Archangel Gabriel, who radiates pure white light. He is in overall charge of the base centre, where we hold fifth-dimensional spiritual discipline. This is what enables all the fifth-dimensional chakras to anchor. Archangel Gabriel’s energy balances that of the black dragons of Saturn. These dragons also carry the pure Violet Flame of Transmutation, which is held in Saturn, and use it to dissolve thoughts that are not focused on the ultimate vision.”

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