Today’s card of the day is the Water Dragon from The Dragon Oracle by Diana Cooper.

The message the elemental water dragons are bringing you is to flow round your challenges with loving intent, if you ask them, they will help you look for an easy way to circumnavigate your challenges and to deal with people lovingly. To enable this to happen, they will help you to develop your intuition and psychic abilities by touching your third eye and allowing the petals of this psychic centre to open. When you listen to your inner wisdom and trust that the water dragons will guide you, the course of your life will run more smoothly. Ask them to cleanse the cells of your body, for this will enable you to shine your light even more brightly. Then your guidance is to relax, so that they can access your energy fields and pour the golden Christ Light of pure unconditional love into them. Consciously absorb this golden Christ Light and flow with it. This will bring you love, wisdom and healing and enable you to travel effortlessly on your ascension path. It will also allow you to direct and help others with calm and integrity.

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