Binoid Product Review

Binoid Product Review

Binoid has a great selection of products whether you are looking for CBD, Delta-8, Delta-9 or many others.

I like to use their Calm Day tincture daily to help boost my immune system while reducing inflammation. Their CBD gummies are great to keep in my purse for when I need a dose while on the go, but don’t leave them in the car during these hot summer days because they will become a sticky mess lol

If you’re looking for some great vapes, then look no further! I love bringing them with me while I’m traveling to help me relax once I’m done driving for the day. They also have Delta-8 in gummy form, tinctures and capsules, although I have not yet tried the tinctures or capsules, perhaps when I place my next order 😉

Not pictured here, I also love their Delta-8 Nightberry Gummies to help me sleep at night, but be warned, they will sell out as they only offer them in limited quantities.

Guided Meditations Available for Pre-Order

Guided Meditations Available for Pre-Order

Pre-order any of the below Guided Meditation audios and be the first to receive it as soon as it’s recorded. All audios will be delivered via email, or selected platform, within 2 weeks. Payment of $10 for each meditation via CashApp, or you may also tip via LoyalFansPlayboy, Cam4 or SextPanther, please include your email for delivery if not on a platform with messaging. I have over 300 scripts, so if there is something you are looking for that I haven’t listed here, then feel free to contact me because I may have it.

Past Life Regression
Awareness of What you Like About Yourself
Forgiveness Meditation
Mindful Body Acceptance
Self-Love Meditation
Steps to Self-Soothe
For Chaotic Times
Mindfulness for Stress & Anxiety
Relieving Anxiety
5 Minutes to Regain Calm, Clarity and Confidence
Filling Your Cup Meditation
Starting the Day with Gratitude
The Power of Gratitude for Sleep
Alleviate Feelings of Anger and Resentment
Stopping Obsessive Thoughts About the Past
Deep State of Relaxation for Chronic Pain
Pain – Body Scan
Pain – Breathing and Deep Body Scan
A Visualization to Relax the Mind for Deep Sleep
Simple Sleep Meditation
Building Confidence for Social Settings and Meeting New People
Motivation When You are Unmotivated
Breathing and Meditating for Self-Healing
Grounding Body Scan
Relax, Accept, Break Habits, Learn and Be Happy
Working with Attachment and Addiction
Higher Self Meditation
Manifestation Meditation

Mantra Monday – Cutting Cords

We attach energetic cords to every person we interact with, whether in person, online, over the phone, or any other kind of interaction. That cord stays connected draining your energy until you actively cut it. I ask Archangel Michael to cut cords for me every morning while I’m in the shower as a matter of routine. You could also do it each night before bed to get rid of the cords that have attached throughout the day.

Mantra Monday – Ho’oponopono

Be sure to recite this 3 times in order to start clearing your energy and forgiving yourself. There are many variations of this Hawaiian ritual and this is the version that I was lead to, but if it doesn’t resonate completely with you, then I encourage you to find another variation that does.